• Cubefield Games

    CUBEFIELD is a very popular strategy games online! This game can be used to train you brain skills such as your visual perception, your quick reaction time, and most importantly your concentration skills. This brain game is exciting and will bring an excitement to anyone who plays it!  The purpose of the game is to provide maximum excitement to the players well providing and improving their thinking skills. This is a 3D flash layout game where you are a triangle entrapped in a field of cubes coming at you.

    Your only means of maneuver are the left and right arrows you use to control the arrow.  The main sense of cubefield consists of reaching the next level and safely collecting as many points as it is possible. If you can make it through some of the levels you will see the colors and background change into different colors, and the speed will start to increase dramatically.  If you remain focused on the cubes coming out and do not get distract you might just conquer this game. Remember to use the left and right arrow keys to turn from side to side and avoid the cubes coming at you.  These key arrows are located on your keyboard.  The number one key objective of cubefield is to avoid all the cubes be carefully cause the game starts to go in a very fast pace with the speed increasing rapidly.